TKnown as one of the largest freshwater lakes in India, Wular Lake is situated approximately 60 kms away from Srinagar. The flooded water of the Jhelum River gets accumulated in this lake. A nearby Tulbul Project is a reservoir built at the mouth of the Wular Lake, which fulfils the need of water in the city during winters. Wular Lake is surrounded by magnificent mountains and dense forests studded with various trees like coniferous pine, apple and walnut adding a sublime touch to the ambience.

The pages of history reveal that in the 15th century, King Zain-ul-abidin had set up an artificial island called Zaina Lanka amidst the lake, which provided shelter to the boatmen at the times of heavy rainfall and storms. Its remains can still be seen in the lake.

Terrestrial birds thronging the lake add up to the scenery making the landscape look even more alluring. There is a variety of fish in the lake, which serves as a medium of food for many and a number of people residing in the vicinity practise fishing as their main occupation.

Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy water sports like water skiing and rafting on the Lake. The picturesque Wular Lake attracts a number of tourists every year. So enjoy water sports, try fishing, sail in the shikaras or simply relax and enjoy a little picnic on the lake side, a visit to Wular Lake will leave you enchanted.